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Monday, 18 September 2006
Today, many homeowners are turning sunrooms into home offices, second bedrooms, and extra sitting rooms. Inside sunrooms homeowners are building pools, spas and other relaxing amenities. A sunroom is different from a standard room addition because of the panoramic view that you can achieve with a sunroom, you get the real feeling of having an outdoor feeling but being protected from the temperature, the bugs.

Creating an outdoor oasis is said to be the second most popular home remodel.  But with summer winding down and the seasons turning colder, is it too late to put this remodel in the works? Not if you plan to make your outdoor oasis useable 365 days a year by creating a sunroom.

While it may not matter much in sunny Southern California where an outdoor oasis consisting of a spa, pool and a barbecue island are rarely affected by the weather, in other areas of the country those amenities aren't much use during inclement weather.

A sunroom is an enclosed area that gives the feeling and look of bringing the outdoors inside by having a panoramic view through temperature and reflectivity-treated glass.  Sunrooms have evolved drastically over the decades.

Whether you're considering an outdoor oasis or a sunroom, the most important things to consider are the size of space you want to dedicate to the addition, the glass technology that you'll use and, as with any remodel, do your homework to find a reputable, trustworthy contractor to do the work.

Creating a sunroom can run the price of buying a brand new car. So it's a significant investment, so you want to have a product that is going to perform and be able to use it when you want to.

There are certain climates like Phoenix that any glass is not going to hold out that kind of heat, but with the energy efficiency of the Conservaglass you can effectively and efficiently heat or cool the room if you need to.  

Whether your outdoor oasis is enclosed as with a sunroom or left open, be sure that you devote enough space to the project.

Edwina Baniqued

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