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Consumers make grades to rate their Agents Print E-mail
Monday, 11 September 2006

In some parts of the country there are more real estate agents than there are transactions. That can pose a disturbing problem for the consumer -- with so many sales professionals vying to help buy or sell homes. .

In real estate, consumers are faced with a difficult problem. They are bombarded by agents who make promises but sometimes don’t keep them. “Consumers are looking for four things from professional service providers. They are looking for consistency, reliability, professional accountability and responsiveness,” says Larry Romito, President and CEO of Quality Service Certification, Inc.

Ensuring that consumer needs are met and quality customer care is delivered is a tricky task. Systems and processes are in place for the beginning of the real estate sales process and the end, but QSC claims from the start of a transaction to the closing of it is where consumers often don’t get what they’re promised.

That is exactly why Thelemaque chose this particular designation. She says it gives her clients the confidence that they will be given quality service. It also helps set and manage customer expectations of the transaction process -- by using guarantees, Thelemaque says what she will commit to doing for her clients is all spelled out in writing at the start of the business relationship.

As more non-traditional brokerage firms such as discount brokers enter the marketplace, traditional companies are finding they must change the way they do business in order to compete and maintain value to the consumer. Creating a system that manages customer service is part of the necessary process. Thelemaque, however, believes yet another important aspect is needed -- a neutral third party to contact past clients for survey information.

Real estate agent Cari Corbalis says that consumers are inundated by agents proclaiming to be the best. She thinks seeing a customer satisfaction rating is a far better way to prove a particular agent is the best choice.

As the marketplace softens in many parts of the country, consumers need guidelines and expect high quality professional assistance. How they determine who is best suited for the job may have to do with which agent makes the grade.

Edwina Baniqued

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