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Thursday, 07 September 2006

The Real Estate Expo has pulled interested people in the door like a giant powerful magnet. Participating cities include: Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Anaheim, New York, Boston. They are accommodating anywhere from about 40,000 - to 60,000 attendees at each individual location.

The place was so crowded anthey were giving away FREE California land right there inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a party atmosphere with all the excitement of a High School Pep Rally.

There were wall to wall people. The fascinating thing is that these people gave up their entire weekend and gladly paid good money to be there and squeeze their way in the best they could.

According to the attendee profile statistics most of them are very high income people, already interested in Real Estate, very motivated, focused and determined to succeed no matter what it takes because they know the long term financial rewards.

Donald Trump was the Grand Finale on Sunday night. However, there were over 70 seminars throughout the entire weekend taught by many other top experts in Real Estate, Finance and Success. Other Celebrities taught some of the seminars. As the individual seminars emptied out, thousands of people headed straight for the Exhibit Floor.

Trying to keep up with the tremendous demands were the 100's of companies that took advantage of such a rare opportunity to promote, showcase and advertise their Businesses to this massive number of people so they could get these new customers, hoping to eventually turn them into long term clients.

Exhibitors were able to meet directly with the Presidents, VP's, CEO's, Consumers and other decision makers, get numerous referrals, and start building long term business relationships for years to come. It is much easier than chasing down over used Cold Call Leads.

Networking can be very profitable for any business. This event makes it easy because it brings together everybody involved in Real Estate. Present at the Real Estate Expo are:

It is not very often that this perfect well mix of people are all conveniently at the same place, under the same roof, at the same time, with money in hand and ready to do business with all kinds Real Estate.

Although it is a great marketing and promotion opportunity, there is more detailed information at the website that explains to exhibitors several things they need to consider before getting a booth at the Real Estate Expo. This can prevent common and costly mistakes so they can be more successful.

Exhibitors can get information to help them to run a successful booth at the Real Estate Expo and they can learn how to Brand their business so that people will remember them over their competition.

These people voluntarily paid money because they want to learn about Real Estate from the very best well known top experts in the United States. They also want to find out about all of the different types of products and services that are offered to the Real Estate Industry in order for them to reach their goals.

These are successful people who have money, a vision and strong determination. When these eager people come out of the seminars, they take what they have learned and start to apply it immediately.

The Real Estate Expo is an easy and fast way to get new customers for your business. The high energy generated on the Exhibit Floor between all of the exhibitors and the attendees contributes to your motivation and success. It is fun, interesting, educational, a great networking opportunity and very profitable for everybody involved.

Edwina Baniqued

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