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Friday, 25 August 2006

The market for buying and selling houses has been changing. 

"When the market starts to change from a seller's market to a buyer's market, it always has a little halt in the process of moving forward." Realty USA Sales Associate Natasha Rajtar said.  

In the Capital Region, realtors agree that the market has slugged. 

Rajtar further said, "You're not going to have 15 people coming through the first week and have 10 people write an offer for the property. It will still sell, but instead of it being a two-week time period, it will be a two-month period."
Fortunately, realtors said despite the turn in the market, the Capital Region is still holding strong.

Although times have changed for homeowners for the time being, realtors said this is all just a part of a cycle and that eventually it will pick back up again.


Rajtar said, "We have a lot of growth coming into the area. The more people coming into the area, the more drive there is for the area which in turn increases the prices which is why I think we are still up, while other parts of the country are not."



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