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7 Easy Steps in Jumbo Mortgage Loan Applications Print E-mail
Monday, 07 August 2006

You may have encountered the word jumbo mortgage loan. Have you ever wondered what it really means?

To make this term easier for you to understand, a loan is considered a jumbo mortgage loan once it has exceeded the certain amount allotted for a mortgage loan. As of 2006, a loan more than $417,000 is already considered a jumbo mortgage loan. On 2005, it was only $357,650.

The approval process for a jumbo mortgage loan is similar to the approval process for all standard loans for all lenders. However, a jumbo mortgage loan's interest rate is typically 25% higher than a standard loan. The good thing is that its interest rate does not vary the difference reduces every year.

With a jumbo mortgage loan, you can comfortable negotiate the loan rate with a broker or a lender. That is because brokers get their compensations based on the loan amount. Because of the higher compensation, brokers and lenders love a jumbo mortgage loan.

Here are seven steps you may consider whenever starting a loan process, buying or refinancing a home.

1) Make a review of the current rates for mortgages. Make use of the Internet and learn about the current market. Most of the time, interest rate change. It is important that you are updated with the current rates in the market. Do not forget to review carefully the rates for jumbo mortgage loans since these loans are different from the conventional ones.

2) Evaluate the amount of loan you really need. Also make use of the time to assess your current and future financial situation.

3) Look for a credible reference for a mortgage broker. The best people to ask are your friends and relatives. If you cannot find a good referral, it is advised that you become very cautious.

4) When looking for a mortgage broker, make sure to list all the questions for your target mortgage broker. Make sure that the target mortgage broker would be able to satisfy all your questions.

5) Do not forget to ask the mortgage broker how long he has been doing mortgage loans. Also make sure that you know whether he is a full-time mortgage broker. Ask how the mortgage broker prices jumbo mortgage loans other things you need to know about the loan. These questions would help you in assessing the mortgage broker.

6) Determine whether there is a need for you to pre-qualify for a mortgage loan.

7) When completing the loan application, make sure to read the terms thoroughly and fill up all necessary documents accurately.

Working with an experienced mortgage broker would assure you of a convenient loan application process. That is because an experienced mortgage broker readily anticipates possible problems and is able to solve them proactively.

By M. Sese

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