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Understanding the Types of Mortgage Loans to Better Choose the Right Mortgage Plan Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 August 2006
Mortgages are considered as one of the biggest investments people make. Making the right choice on the type of mortgage will help save thousands of dollars and would even prevent headaches along the way.

There are typically four basic types of mortgages. They are the Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, Fixed Interest Rate Mortgage Loans, Balloon Mortgages and the Jumbo Mortgages.

The Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans come in low interest rates. The rates only take effect on a specific timeframe that is included on the terms that were agreed by the borrower and the lender. Once the introductory rate expires, it will be adjusted so that the new rate and payment amount would apply. With the Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, there are greater risks that may be encountered by the borrower.

The second and the most popular type is the Fixed Interest Rate Mortgage Loan. This option is considered as the safest since the monthly payments do not change over the term of the mortgage. This is best for borrowers who have lower tolerance to financial risks.

On the other hand, Balloon Mortgages are helpful to borrowers who only need short-term financing with lower monthly payments. However, there is a risk of refinancing once the entire balance becomes due.

The last type of mortgage loan is the Jumbo Mortgage. This type of loan applies to those who need bigger amounts. However, this loan comes with higher interest rates and higher monthly payments. Jumbo mortgages only have extra expenses which only lead to higher monthly fees.

Before choosing the type of mortgage loan, make sure you are aware of the risks that may be associated with these types of loans. Make sure you assess your financial situation before jumping on a mortgage loan.

By M. Sese

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